[ANN] MarkupToMarkup 0.2

Fran=?ISO-8859-1?B?5w==?=ois Granger ml at fgranger.com
Thu Jan 20 05:54:03 EST 2005



MarkupToMarkup is a project to create tools for translating from various
markup to various markup.

There are a lot of syntax to markup texts prior to publishing them. From
HTML to Markdown, and from reStructuredText to the various wiki formats.
When using a tool to publish, you are tied to the particular syntax of this
tool. And transferring between them is a problem, not only at the storage
level, but also at the text markup level.

MarkupToMarkup is built in a modular way. It use the various existing
filters to transfer the input to a almost XHTML format. It then use a parser
and filters to generate the various wiki like syntax formats. As demand
arise, it may be extended in number of filters, in input and output methods.

Dues to the number of scripts (Python, Perl, soon some PHP) and
dependencies, the current version is implemented as a web service on a web
page. There are plans to make it an XML-RPC service, or package it when
things evolves.

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