hash patent by AltNet; Python is prior art?

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Fri Jan 21 21:35:22 EST 2005

Tim Churches schreef:

> And I agree 100% with Alex Martelli - Europe and other countries must 
> reject software, algorithmic and business method patents and thus create 
> a powerhouse of innovation. let the US and fellow-travellers stew in 
> their own juice - they will become powerhouses of litigation instead. 
> Provided other countries don't recognise software and business method 
> patents, the litigation will be confined within US borders, where 
> resources can be productivelt spent making television dramas about 
> attractive young patent attorneys and plodding, tram-riding patent 
> clerks who are really brilliant physicists if only someone would 
> recognise their potential. So yes, please write to your MP and MEP and 
> protest against the prospect of software and business method patents in 
> Europe. Hopefully one day within my lifetime we'll have a governemt here 
> in Australia which will roll back the damage done to our patent system 
> by trying to make just like the US system, just so we can conclude an 
> unbelieveably inequitable free trade agreement with the US. But that's 
> our problem.

It's not looking really good here in Europe:

If they succeed to push this through and Poland--or another country--
doesn't help us...  :-( 


"Be strict when sending and tolerant when receiving."
RFC 1958 - Architectural Principles of the Internet - section 3.9

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