modpython, apache and windows

Steve Holden steve at
Wed Jan 5 15:01:58 EST 2005

Sam wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am interested in learning python since I am hearing more and more 
> about python for use in web development
> I am starting out on python, with knowledge of PHP some perl
> my current hurdle is setting up either apache 1 or 2 with python 2.3.3 I 
> have installed modpython fine
> which informed me that I need to make some configuration changes to 
> httpd.conf
These changes are relatively easy, but of course making them requires
access to the files, not always available unless you are managing your
own server.

Note, though, that it's easily possible to use Python as a CGI language
on most Apache installations.

> I have not had it working yet, searches on the web give conflicting 
> suggestions and so far has confused me
Perhaps if you could explain what it is you are failing to do, you might
elicit some explicit help.

> some forums mention spyce and serving .spy files
> so far I  one explanation worked in that a .py file was parsed but I had 
> to set the name of the actual file within apache.conf
> this seems strange
> thanks in advance >> SS
Try creating a Python file (.py file, with world-executable permissions)
in a cgi-bin directory:

#!/usr/bin/env python
print """Content-Type: text/plain

Hello, world"""

and see if you can call it from a web browser.

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