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Fri Jan 14 02:39:49 CET 2005

You should probably take a look at:

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Venkat B wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm looking build a CGI-capable SSL-enabled web-server around Python 2.4 on
> Linux.
> It is to handle ~25 hits possibly arriving "at once". Content is non-static
> and built by the execution of py cgi-scripts talking to a few backend
> processes.
> 1) I was wondering if anyone has opinions on the ability of CGIHTTPServer (a
> forking variant) to be able to handle this.
> 2) If so, would something like pyOpenSSL be useful to make such a webserver
> SSL-enabled.
> I checked out John Goerzen's book: Foundations of Python Network Programming
> (ISBN 1590593715) and searched around. While I found how one can write py
> scripts that could communicate with SSL-enabled webservers, tips on building
> SSL-enabled webservers isn't obvious.
> I was hoping to build a cleaner solution around the CGIHTTPServer variant
> instead of say something like mini-httpd/OpenSSL/Python. I'd appreciate any
> pointers.
> TIA,
> /venkat

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