OT: spacing of code in Google Groups

JanC usenet_spam at janc.invalid
Sat Jan 1 23:47:16 EST 2005

Terry Reedy schreef:

> "JanC" <usenet_spam at janc.invalid> wrote in message 
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>> I don't know if gmane keeps formating of messages intact when
>> posting? That could be an alternative too...
> Reading posts via gmane with Outlook Express preserves leading spaces
> just fine.  However, OE deletes tabs regardless of what newsgroup
> does. 

OE is useless anyway (at least as a newsreader).

I was talking about the gmane web interface as an alternative to Google's.  
They have an NNTP server but also three http-based interfaces: RSS-feed, 
blog-style & framed (looks more or less like a newsreader).


Tested it in gmane.test, posting through their web interface preserves 


"Be strict when sending and tolerant when receiving."
RFC 1958 - Architectural Principles of the Internet - section 3.9

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