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Bob Smith bob_smith_17280 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 11 21:05:04 EST 2005

Peter Maas wrote:
> Charlton Wilbur schrieb:
>>>>>>> "XL" == Xah Lee <xah at xahlee.org> writes:
>>     XL> i'll cross post to comp.lang.perl.misc and comp.lang.python.
>>     XL> If you spot mistakes, feel free to correct or discourse here.
>> Error #1:  crossposting to those two groups. 
>> (Error #2 is implying that you're a Perl expert, but someone else
>> already pointed that out.)
> Xah Lee is the guy who used to fight Unixism some time ago thereby
> producing an extremly long and useless thread in this group. Now
> he's fighting Perl :) Please stop answering him if you don't want
> to waste your time.

With terms such as "blabbering Unix donkeys" and "sloppy perl monkeys" 
Xah's articles are very entertaining. He has some valid points as 
well... he just presents them in anti-social ways.

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