Using Sqlite with Python under Windows

Kartic kartic.krishnamurthy at
Fri Jan 14 08:56:16 EST 2005

Michael Goettsche wrote:

> I succeeded in convincing my CS teacher to use Python and Sqlite
instead of
> Microsoft Access to get started with databases.
> We are working on a windows terminal server to which I have no admin
> so I'd like to ask you which module is best suited to use Sqlite with
> under windows. The best would be a module which is easy to install
> further dependencies.


I posted this morning but I don't know what happened to my post!

In any case, PySqlite is the distribution I have used and is available

I believe there is another module called APSW (Another Python Sqlite
Wrapper) available, that I stumbled upon just today, after reading your
post. Home page :

Please read the section "pysqlite differences" to see which one you
want to install.

As for installation, it should be as simple as downloading the win32
binaries for your Python distro and executing it. I do not have admin
rights on my Win2K PC at work, but it installed and worked just fine.
So, you should not have any problem. You will not have to install
anything additional other the python-sqlite module itself.

Good choice on selecting Sqlite..I love it and hope you will enjoy it


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