python without OO

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at
Thu Jan 27 05:19:02 EST 2005

beliavsky at wrote:
> Then why was C++ invented? What you have described can be done in C,
> Pascal, and Fortran 90, all of which are generally classified as
> procedural programming languages. As Lutz and Ascher say in "Learning
> Python", in object-based programming one can pass objects around, use
> them in expressions, and call their methods. "To qualify as being truly
> object-oriented (OO), though, objects need to also participate in
> something called an inheritance hierarchy."

Again, behavioural inheritiance is something which can be done manually via 
delegation or function tables.

What a language with OO support adds is special syntax for something that you 
could have done anyway - the OO support just makes it easier and clearer (well, 
C++ aside).


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