List problems in C code ported to Python

Lucas Raab pythongnome at
Mon Jan 17 08:27:25 EST 2005

Grant Edwards wrote:
> On 2005-01-16, Lucas Raab <pythongnome at> wrote:
>>>>Please see both the Python and C code at 
>>>> The two files are ENIGMA.C
>>I didn't expect to get bitched out just because I didn't
>>follow "protocol."
> You didn't get "bitched out".  You did get some very sound
> advice. You want help solving a problem, and there are ways you
> can greatly increase the chances that you'll get help with your
> problem.  After being told the best ways to get help, you
> whined about it rather than following it.
> Nobody owes you anything. 
> Remember that.
> [You're darned lucky somebody did take the time to go to your
> web site and proof your code for you after your posting said in
> effect "I'm too lazy to compose and post a precise question, so
> go look at my program and fix it for me."]
> Now, go back and read the smart questions reference.

Sorry about that. I had a bad day. First there was the migraine and then 
the fight with my significant other, so yesterday was not a good day. I 
apologize for what I said.

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