Profiling and speed up

Franz Steinhaeusler franz.steinhaeusler at
Fri Jan 28 03:50:50 EST 2005

Hi Newsgroup,

I'm looking for a way to measure the performance of an app,
which is built in wxPython and uses the styled text control

Then after discovering some bottlenecks, to speed up things;
first of all minimize the startup time.
and then speed up the stc.

Someone is experienced and could show me a way or give me tips?
Are there some tools in python (beside of the profile module),
best if it would be graphical like performance analysis from DevPartner
for Visual C++?

Second question: python has a kind of garbage collector.
But could it be, because of some bad programming style, 
that memory is wasted more and more?

Many thanks in advance!

Franz Steinhaeusler

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