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Mon Jan 17 06:23:13 EST 2005

Antoon Pardon wrote:
>>"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds". Rules are made 
>>to be broken.
> Like only use immutables as dictionary keys.
Fair enough, but don;t go advising newbies to do this.
>>Besides which, if you don't understand the language 
>>environment, rules alone will do you very little good. Try to focus a 
>>little more on principles and a little less on minutiae.
> And what are the difference between those two?
> Sometimes I get the impression that everything is a principle until
> one personnaly finds the need to break it. After that it is a rule.
Principle: "Ten angels can dance on the head of a pin".

Minutiae: "Well, if they'd all recently been on a diet and they hold on 
to each other very carefully you can get 10.3. I got eleven once by 
adding a hash function".

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