Approximating scattered data

Grant Edwards grante at
Sat Jan 1 17:25:59 EST 2005

I've been looking for some way to approximate scattered 3D data
points in Python.  The data doesn't seem to be amenable to
fitting functions like polymials, so I may have to use
something more like a spline surface.

However, I can't find anything usable from Python, and my
Fortram skills are pretty rusty. I tried SciPy, but it's spline
fitting module doesn't work at all for my data.  I've found
mentions of a Python port NURBS toolbox, but all the links I
can find are broken.

I've also found references to Fortran programs from
netlib/toms, but I was hoping there might be something that was
already usable from Python.

Can anybody point me toward a Python module for approximating
scattered data using something like a Renka algorithm?

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