is python more popular than coldfusion?

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Wed Jan 5 10:32:37 EST 2005


Here are the numbers for Average Salary by Languages Used (2 numbers,
staff and management) in ascending order from the 2004 Salary Survey
from Software Development Magazine. I am surprised that there is so
little variation across languages: 13 out of 22 are in the $81-$85K
range. But Python IS tied for first. This may indicate that the
relatively small number of jobs listing Python as a requirement is due
in part to a relatively small supply of Python programmers, not lack of
demand for such programmers.

Delphi/Object Pascal $76K $96K
Cobol $76K $95K
EDI $78K $98K
.NET $79K $98K
Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase/database $80K $100K
SAP/PeopleSoft/Oracle/ERP $81K $100K
C# $81K $100K
Perl/Javascript/PHP/scripting $81K $100K
Lotus Notes/groupware $82K $101K
Java $83K $102K
Fortran $83K $102K
C++ $84K $103K
JavaBeans/ActiveX/component $84K $101K
C $84K $104K
Ada $84K $105K
Biztalk/Crossworlds/bus. integration $84K $99K
SOAP $85K $103K
J2EE $85K $105K
CORBA/COM/middleware $87K $106K
J2ME $88K $104K 
Python $89K $105K 
Java messaging $89K $106K

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