what's OOP's jargons and complexities?

Pascal Bourguignon spam at mouse-potato.com
Sun Jan 30 09:30:45 EST 2005

"Larry" <larry_wallet at yahoo.com> writes:

> Xah Lee wrote:
> > in computer languages, often a function definition looks like this:
> >  xah at xahlee.org
> >  http://xahlee.org/PageTwo_dir/more.html
> Your ideas are original, insightful and simply reflect incredibly deep
> creative genius.  I have read your work and I want to hire you for
> highly classified work in software design and philosophical writing.
> Would you possibly be available to meet with me in my secret mountain
> compound to discuss terms?
> Larry

You forgot to mention the coordinates of your secret mountain compound: 

                   28 deg 5 min N, 86 deg 58 min E

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