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> >> >> Btw, is there a comprehensive list of ALL contributors put up
> >> >> anywhere?
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> >> > Not yet -- do you think I should put it up on my website?
> >>
> >> Updating the status of the recipes on the web site would be nice.
> >
> > Please take this up with Activestate guys -- I have no say on what
> > happens on the website they own, nor any special status there.
> I was under the impression that the status on the website reflects whether
> the recipes are approved or rejected for the book (with a few more states
> added: new, deferred, pending).  I gather now from your reply that there is
> no connection between that status and the book.

No connection.

> Okay then, I am adding my vote to posting the list of all the contributors.
> I still think that the ActiveState website is an appropriate place to do
> that, as they also have the recipes.  Actually, what is the exact
> relationship between the recipes on the website and the recipes published in
> the book?

Recipes published in the book are taken from the website, AFAIK.
And if you want to know more: :)

> If not on the ActiveState website, then posting the list to another website
> would be good too.  Even if the list is not absolutely final and may be
> changed later (a disclaimer to that effect would suffice).  I have two
> recipes submitted (for which I got permission requests) and I am curious.
> BTW, I sent an email to pythoncookbook at earlier today, before
> I even saw this thread in c.l.p.  I haven't received a reply from them yet.
> Dan
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> > Alex
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Premshree Pillai

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