Trouble installing numeric

Chris Weisiger dderakon at
Sun Jan 30 02:25:40 EST 2005

	I'm trying to install numeric on my MacOS X box using Darwin, with the 
eventual goal of satisfying all of PyGame's dependencies so I can 
finally start working on my semester project. I would be using MacPython, 
except that I can't seem to get its Package Manager to work. Anyway, 
when I try to install numeric, I get the following error: 

[HMC-58-125:~/proj/Numeric-23.7] chriswei% sudo ./ install
running install
running build
running build_py
running build_ext
building 'lapack_lite' extension
gcc -Wl,-F. -Wl,-F. -bundle -framework Python build/temp.darwin-7.6.0-
Power_Macintosh-2.3/Src/lapack_litemodule.o build/temp.darwin-7.6.0-
Power_Macintosh-2.3/Src/blas_lite.o build/temp.darwin-7.6.0-Power_
Macintosh-2.3/Src/f2c_lite.o build/temp.darwin-7.6.0-Power_Macintosh-2.3/
Src/zlapack_lite.o build/temp.darwin-7.6.0-Power_Macintosh-2.3/Src/
dlapack_lite.o -L/usr/lib/atlas -llapack -lcblas -lf77blas -latlas -lg2c -
o build/lib.darwin-7.6.0-Power_Macintosh-2.3/ -framework 
ld: can't locate file for: -llapack
error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

Previously it had been complaining about a missing directory '/usr/lib/
atlas', but I just created that (without any idea what it wanted it for 
or why it couldn't create it itself, natch). From what I've found online, 
it's now having problems because a linear algebra module it needs (
lapack) can't be found. However, isn't numeric supposed to have its own 
"light" linear algebra code? Looking in, I found the following 

# delete all but the first one in this list if using your own LAPACK/
sourcelist = [os.path.join('Src', 'lapack_litemodule.c'),
#              os.path.join('Src', 'blas_lite.c'),
#              os.path.join('Src', 'f2c_lite.c'),
#              os.path.join('Src', 'zlapack_lite.c'),
#              os.path.join('Src', 'dlapack_lite.c')
]             ]

I tried uncommenting the lines, but no dice. 

I've also installed the numarray module; it claims to be a descendant of 
numeric that should be usable for the same thing. If it turns out that I 
can't use numeric, for whatever reason, does anyone have advice for 
getting numarray to work with pygame?

Thanks for any help you can provide. If I can't get this working soon, 
I'll have to return to using C++ for this project. I know that at least 

"Don't take life so serious, son - it ain't nohow permanent." - 

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