Command line and GUI tools : need a single threading solution

Adrian Casey news at
Mon Jan 10 07:00:56 EST 2005

I have a collection of multi-threaded command line tools which I want wrap a
PyQt gui around.  I'm using queues to route messages from the command line
tools to the PyQt gui. The command line tools use python threads to do
their work.  The gui uses a QThread object to read incoming messages.

This does not work consistently - and I've since read that mixing python
threads and QThreads is a bad idea.  The command line tools work well using
python threads.

I don't want to maintain two copies of the tools - one for command line and
another for the PyQt version.

I'm thinking it may be possible to modify the command line tools to use qt
threads instead of native python threads.  Is this the way to go?  Are
there other options?


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