subprocess.Popen() redirecting to TKinter or WXPython textwidget???

Ivo Woltring TheDolphin at
Wed Jan 26 16:26:47 EST 2005

Hi Pythoneers,

I am trying to make my own gui for mencoder.exe (windows port of the
terrific linux mencoder/mplayer) to convert divx to Pocket_PC size.
My current app creates a batch script to run the mencoder with the needed
params, but now I want to integrate mencoder as a subprocess in my app.

What already works:
the starting of the subprocess.Popen
and the subsequent killing of the process if I want it to.
My gui does not freeze up as it did in my first tries.

What I want to know (what does not yet work ;-)):
- Redirecting the output of the subprocess to a textwidget in my GUI

Any example or help is much appreceated.

I tried the subprocess.PIPE but I think I don't really understand how it is
suppost to work
The redirecting to a file does work but this not my objective...
So I'm stuck..... HELP
The started processes are long and I want to be able to show some kind of

Ivo Woltring

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