How to prevent the script from stopping before it should

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Tue Jan 18 14:16:39 EST 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
> > You will need to import the socket module and then call
socket.setdefaulttimeout() to ensure that
> > communication with non-responsive servers results in a socket
exception that you can trap.
> or you can use asynchronous sockets, so your program can keep
> the sites that do respond at once while it's waiting for the ones
that don't.  for
> one way to do that, see "Using HTTP to Download Files" here:
> (make sure you read the second and third article as well)
Dear Fredrik Lundh,
Thank you for the link. I checked it. But I have not found an answer to
my question.
My problem is that I can not finish( sometimes) to download all pages.
Sometimes my script freezes and I can not do nothing but restart the
script from the last successfully downloaded web page. There is no
error saying that was an error. I do not know why; maybe the server is
programed to reduce the numbers of connection or there maybe  different
reasons.So, my idea was two threads. One master ,suprevising the slave
thread that would do downloading and if the slave thread stopped,
master thread would start another slave. Is it a good solution? Or is
there a better solution?
Thanks for help

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