Is there a library to parse Mozilla "mork" documents?

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Jan 21 06:48:58 EST 2005

John Reese wrote:
> Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, and so forth use this awful format
> called MORK to store all kinds of things: which messages you've read
> in a newsgroup, headers and indexes into the mbox file of messages in
> a mail folder, and address books.  It's documented to some extent
> here:

Hmmm. Wasn't David McCusker working for the OSA Foundation on Chandler
at some point? Anyway, given the references to LDIF (and the fact that
I have in the past exported address books from Netscape Communicator
in LDIF format), the following specification might help:

> Does anyone know of a Python library for parsing these files?  A
> single file basically just stores the equivalent of a nested
> dictionary with text that can be declared separately and interpolated.
> jwz has an over-specific perl version at
>, which I might have to try to
> translate if there's nothing already available in Python.

I'd look at the python-ldap project:

The ldif module might be of relevance, but there isn't an example in
the documentation which would confirm my suspicions.


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