Continuations Based Web Framework - Seaside.

Ian Bicking ianb at
Mon Jan 3 02:46:54 EST 2005

Kendall Clark wrote:
> Between this pressure (which isn't new, since as Steve points out, I
> was talking about this in Python community last year, and I wasn't
> nearly the first) and the growing popularity of Ruby on Rails, there's
> some small hint that Ruby is gaining on Python re: non-Java web app
> mind share. I think that's a v. important niche for Python and would
> like to see us remain strong there (though I've not *done* much about
> this, alas).

I think that's probably true -- at least in terms of mindshare, even 
though that might not reflect on actual work done.  But, Rails is really 
not a very experimental framework, and the existance of 
continuation-based frameworks for Ruby is an aside.  If such frameworks 
happen at all for Python, I think they will be an aside as well.

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