The best way to do web apps with Python?

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Sun Jan 9 04:00:14 EST 2005

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 21:11:49 +0800, worzel <asda at> wrote:
> What is the best way to web developemnt with Python? Is there anything close
> to PHP style in-page script placement that can create and use other Python
> objects? I am not really interested in Zope (I believe that is more a CMS
> than anything else?) I am also looking for something a little more
> structured than a series of CGI Scripts. 
> While on the topic - what is the expectataion of Python for this kind of
> stuff? Would one use Python for certain other things but turn to PHP for web
> apps - or would one use their Python skills in place of PHP? 

Check CherryPy - It's clean, light, and best of all,
includes its own webserver. You can publish a small site with almost
*no* configuration effort, and you have to write *very little code*.
It's also natively multi-threaded, and supports advanced stuff such as
gzip compression on the fly and XMLRPC.

Disclaimer: I'm a contributor to CherryPy, so I'm biased. But I had
evaluated both Karirgel and Quixote before settling up on CherryPy,
and I see no reason to change.

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