python3: 'where' keyword

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jan 10 06:19:05 EST 2005

"Carl Banks" <invalidemail at> writes:
> > So do you approve of the movement to get rid of the print statement?
> Any little incremental change in Python you could make by having or not
> having a print statement would be minor compared to the H-Bomb of
> ugliness we'd get if suites of statements were to be allowed inside
> Python expressions.  Having or not having a print statement might
> violate some small aspect of the Zen, but it won't rape the whole list.

How about macros?  Some pretty horrible things have been done in C
programs with the C preprocessor.  But there's a movememnt afloat to
add hygienic macros to Python.  Got any thoughts about that?

> So I don't know what point you're trying to make.

Why should you care whether the output of a macro is ugly or not,
if no human is ever going to look at it?  

> But to answer your question, I would prefer a Python without a print
> statement, since a print method could do anything the print statement
> could.

A print -method-?!!  You /really/ want to say

  your_name  = "Carl"
  your_favorite_cereal = "cornflakes"
  ("Hi", your_name, "how about a nice bowl of", your_favorite_cereal).print()

instead of 

  your_name  = "Carl"
  your_favorite_cereal = "cornflakes"
  print "Hi", your_name, "how about a nice bowl of", your_favorite_cereal


I've heard of people wanting to replace print with a function, but
hadn't heard of replacing it with a method.  Are you trying to turn
Python into Ruby?

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