Python and SOAP

Peter Schaefer peter.sch231aefer at
Fri Jan 21 02:25:47 EST 2005

On 21.01.2005 01:16, Nelson Minar wrote:
> Peter Schaefer <peter.sch231aefer at> writes:
> SOAPy hasn't been maintained in awhile. The two contemporary options
> are ZSI or SOAPpy, both at
> ZSI seems to have more serious development now, but neither is perfect.
> You should consider doing a document/literal service instead of
> rpc/encoded, the old way. Unfortunately in my experience doc/lit
> doesn't work as well with Python, but it's a better way of doing
> things. The ZSI guys are working at it.

Great! I took a look, seems promising.
Thanks a lot!

  Best regards,


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