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Tue Jan 11 12:41:41 EST 2005

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> Anyone have opinions about whether we will be better off using PythonNet
> wxPython for the GUI layer of our application on Windows?  Our code is all
> Python and is now running on Mac OS X with PyObjC and Cocoa, which works
> very well.  Our goal is not necessarily to move to a cross-platform
> solution, but rather to create a solid Windows version that looks and
> like a native application.  All the code that interacts with the user is
> factored out of our business logic, so it is a matter of find a good
> view/controller library and writing a thin glue layer.  And, of course, we
> want to build it as efficiently and robustly as we can.

Everyone has opinions :-)

I have settled on wxPython principally because of
   1) Linux/Gnome <-> MS Windows portablility of the code.
   2) The fact that wxPython follows the look and feel of whatever window
themes might be installed in Linux/Gnome or MS Windows.
   3) Apps so written have that native "look and feel" and fit right in.

Thomas Bartkus

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