Frameworks for "Non-Content Oriented Web Apps"

mirnazim at mirnazim at
Wed Jan 5 06:44:45 CET 2005

Well, I think a we can say that a framework for "Non Content Oriented
Web Apps" is something that can help in
(*) creating N tier data aware web applications
(*) creating data-aware controls (forms etc.).
(*) managing different data sources
transparently(ZODB,MySQL,PostGreSQL, etc).
(*) de-coupling UI, Business Logic and Data Sources from each other.
(*) provide transaction management facilities(am I asking too much).

I think there is something more to the above points than just a
construction of web interfaces like forms etc. I never said that it
should be something really big(like Zope). I have looked at Quixote and
is really cool. But I think we need something more than just a forms
processing libary.

Alext Martelli:
>Once you're on a multilayer track, whether the presentation
>is on the web or on some other UI should just be an
>issue for the very last layer(closest to the user).

I agree in an multi-tier application UI is the last layer issue, but
the point here is that there should be some thing that can make
connection of web controls to various data sources easy. Of course this
is just UI issue of many others that are not UI issues.

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