python3: 'where' keyword

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jan 10 09:00:40 EST 2005

"Carl Banks" <invalidemail at> writes:
> When I asked you to do this, it was just a rhetorical way to tell you
> that I didn't intend to play this game.  It's plain as day you're
> trying to get me to admit something.  I'm not falling for it.
> If you have a point to make, why don't you just make it?

You asked me to compare the notion of macros with the Zen list.  I did
so.  I didn't see any serious conflict, and reported that finding.
Now you've changed your mind and you say you didn't really want me to
make that comparison after all.

An amazing amount of the headaches that both newbies and experienced
users have with Python, could be solved by macros.  That's why there's
been an active interest in macros for quite a while.  It's not clear
what the best way to do design them is, but their existence can have a
profound effect on how best to do these ad-hoc syntax extensions like
"where".  Arbitrary limitations that are fairly harmless without
macros become a more serious pain in the neck if we have macros.

So, we shouldn't consider these topics separately from each other.
They are likely to end up being deeply related.

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