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Mon Jan 24 20:22:00 CET 2005

Hello Fuzzyman,

> 3) Simple Version Control program for single programmer. A very simple
> way of doing version control/releases for small projects with only a
> single programmer. [3]
Subversion (and CVS) are dead simple to install and use.
IMO in the long run you'll find yourself implementing most of their
features anyway.

> [3] I think lots of people would find this useful. A version control
> system for projects where CVS/Subversion is overkill. This would be
> based on DirWatcher/FSDM (
> ) - All
> the code for finding which files have changed is already there, and
> there is an existing Tkinter GUI for Dirwatcher.
Adding changes to version control should be done as an explicit action by
the developer. Anything else is on the road to disaster, you'll find
yourself spending too much time backing out of changes you didn't want in.

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