Python evolution: Unease

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Tue Jan 4 05:15:54 EST 2005

Iwan van der Kleyn <none at> wrote:

> to be determine the way foreward for Python: more features, increased
> complexity, less dynamism. Lots of syntax crud, without addressing the

As a student of human nature, I'm _really_ curious as to how one could
possibly read the key document:
and think in consequence of "more features, increased complexity".

Also, you keep talking about "the core python team" on the basis, it
would appear, of reading one document by Guido.  Have you bothered doing
a MINIMUM of homework, such as, looking at
and specifically AMK's entry for September 30?  I'm trying to understand
whether you completely missed doing the most elementary amount of
background searching before venting on the group, or if you did find and
read the obvious documents and somehow STILL manage to completely ignore
their contents or read them as saying exactly the opposite of what they
_do_ say...


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