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Gabriel Cosentino de Barros aut_gbarros at uolinc.com
Thu Jan 27 10:24:20 EST 2005

A co-worker was trying to convince me that Leo[1] is the better editor of
all since it outline the code and let you easily document algoritms and

He was writting php code with it. I use jEdit or vi to write my python and
my php

Then after a day of debates I ended up convincing him that abstracting every
algorith and complex logic into a separate class and using the doc inside
the class the python way was exactly the same thing that Leo does, if not
better hence you don't need an IDE for that.

But then, I realised that maybe it's just that we don't get it yet. So, the
question i drop here is if anyone uses or is forced to use Leo for bigger
projects, does it help or get in the way? Does the project management
capabilities pay off the tangling/untangling hassle? Does it make it easier
to work if the group is bigger?


[1] http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html
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