Memory Usage

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 24 09:09:39 EST 2005

rbt wrote:
> Would a Python process consume more memory on a PC with lots of memory?
> For example, say I have the same Python script running on two WinXP 
> computers that both have Python 2.4.0. One computer has 256 MB of Ram 
> while the other has 2 GB of Ram. On the machine with less Ram, the 
> process takes about 1 MB of Ram. On the machine with more Ram, it uses 9 
> MB of Ram.
> Is this normal and expected behavior?

It's probably not normal if this is *really* the memory usage, but
I would expect to see such behaviour, given how difficult it is
to measure *actual* memory usage.  How are you measuring it?
Just by looking at the Mem Usage column in the Task Manager?


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