Redirecting stdout/err under win32 platform

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Mon Jan 31 07:06:36 CET 2005


Googling comp.lang.python /w this string "stderr win32" yielded 109
So I think if you poke around a bit you will find your answer in the

Sorry for no direct help tonight...


David Douard wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> let me explain by problem:
> I am working on an application which consists in a C++ dll (numeric
> computations) and a Python IHM (Python/Tk), which must run under
Linux and
> win32. My problem is the C++ lib does write stuffs on its stdout, and
> would like to print those messages in a Tk frame. When I run the
> computation, it has it's own thread.
> So my question is : how van I redirect the dll's stdout to something
I can
> retrieve in Python (pipe, socket,...)?
> I can do it easily under Linux. I made tests with a socket which just
> fine. In the threaded function (that will do the heavy computation),
> write:
> import os, sys
> from socket import *
> s=socket(AF_UNIX, SOCK_STREAM)
> s.connect(...)
> os.dup2(sys.__stdout__.fileno(), s.fileno())
> very_intensive_function(many_parameters)
> s.close()
> That's OK under Linux, but does not work under win32 (even if I use
> localhost socket), cause I cannot do the os.dup2 trick (Windows does
> want to consider a socket as a file! What a shity system!).
> So my question is : is there a simple solution ? I have tested
> solutions. I am trying hacks with pipes created with the win32api.
But I
> have not yet managed this simple operation.
> Note that I have no access to the dll source code, so I cannot modify
it so
> it uses a named pipe (for example) as message output pipe instead os
> stdout...
> Thanks,
> David

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