Windows GUIs from Python

Bob Swerdlow swerdlow at
Tue Jan 11 11:22:53 EST 2005

Anyone have opinions about whether we will be better off using PythonNet or 
wxPython for the GUI layer of our application on Windows?  Our code is all 
Python and is now running on Mac OS X with PyObjC and Cocoa, which works 
very well.  Our goal is not necessarily to move to a cross-platform 
solution, but rather to create a solid Windows version that looks and feels 
like a native application.  All the code that interacts with the user is 
factored out of our business logic, so it is a matter of find a good 
view/controller library and writing a thin glue layer.  And, of course, we 
want to build it as efficiently and robustly as we can.


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