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> > Yes, I read about that but unfortunately I have no experience with VBA
> > all*.  :=(
> You don't really have to know VBA, but if you're going to try to
> interact with COM objects from Python, you'll find it much smoother if
> you at least use any available reference information for the COM
> object model and interfaces you are using.
> In the Excel case, that means understanding - or at least knowing how
> to look in a reference - its object model, since that will tell you
> exactly what parameters an Add method on a worksheet object will take
> and how they work.
> For excel, online documentation can be found in a VBAXL9.CHM help file
> (the "9" may differ based on Excel release), but it might not always
> be installed depending on what options were selected on your system.  In
> my English, Office 2000 installation, for example, the files are located
>     c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033
> You can load that file directly, or Excel itself will reference it
> from within the script editor help (Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor,
> then F1 for help).  If you methods or classes and have the help
> installed it'll bring in the reference.
> You can also find it on MSDN on the web, although it can be tricky to
> navigate down to the right section - the top of the Office 2000 object
> documentation should be available at:
> This is mostly reference information, but there are some higher level
> discussions of overall objects (e.g., worksheets, workbooks, cells,
> etc...) too.
> -- David

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