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Peter Maas peter at
Wed Jan 26 11:08:55 EST 2005

Judi Keplar schrieb:
> I am currently taking a course to learn Python and was looking for 
> some help.  I need to write a Python statement to print a comma-
> separated repetition of the word, "Spam", written 511 times ("Spam, 
> Spam, … Spam").
> Can anybody help me get started?  I am completely new to programming!


- (Beginner, Advanced)
- (Beginner)
- (Beginner)
- (Advanced)

Books (Look for most recent editions):

- Mark Lutz, Learning Python (Beginner)
- Alex Martelli, Python in a Nutshell (Beginner, Advanced)
- Frederik Lundh, Python Standard Library (Beginner, Advanced)
- Alex Martelli, Python Cookbook (Beginner, Advanced)
- Mark Pilgrim Dive Into Python (Advanced)

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