Embedding a restricted python interpreter

Paul Rubin http
Thu Jan 6 23:26:53 CET 2005

Gerhard Haering <gh at ghaering.de> writes:
> > But mod_python is an apache module and runs in the same apache process
> > with other users' scripts.
> Which is why it's a good idea for each customer to have it's own
> system user and their virtual hosts running under this uid. Which
> was the idea for the perchild MPM for Apache 2 - which is abandoned
> now :-( muxmpm is a replacement project in beta.

I'm not familiar with perchild MPM or muxmpm, but it sounds like you'd
need a separate process per user for it to work.  That would seriously
increase the cost of operating mass vhosts.  It's not uncommon for one
apache/mod_php server to support thousands of users.

> - go back to Apache 1.3.x, missing some nice improvements
> - use different webservers per user, put them together with mod_proxy (yuck!)

If it's for low-traffic vhosts without enormous processing complexity,
you could use Python cgi's instead of mod_python.

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