PyQT installation

John J Lee jjl at
Sat Jan 1 13:25:24 EST 2005

On Sat, 1 Jan 2005, Ken Godee wrote:
> I believe the book "C++ GUI programming Qt3" comes
> with a windows Qt gpl 3.x version. Just have to buy
> the book. No PyQt version to match thou.

"GPL only if you buy the book" makes no sense.  Either it's GPL or it 
isn't.  (It isn't, in fact.)

> > IIRC, people have already run some KDE apps under Windows (though
> > still needing X, so far).
> > 
> > I wonder how TrollTech will react as (and if) it progresses.
> > 
> I don't think your giving TrollTech any credit here, yes they have
> a business model and need to make money, but not everybody is
> Microsoft. They are fully aware and supportive of the project
> and I remember reading not to long ago they struck an aggrement
> with the project that if anything ever happened to TrollTech they
> would release Qt to project under gpl, or something like that.

I'd forgotten about that agreement (again, driven by KDE).  Reassuring,
assuming the legalese corresponds to what one assumes is the spirit of it,
and that it will hold water if/when tested in the courts.

I am surprised if they support the effort to make a GPL native MS Windows
version of Qt.  They wouldn't have to be evil monopolists to be concerned
about this development, IMHO.


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