Python! Is! Truly! Amazing!

Kamilche kamilche at
Sun Jan 2 13:59:59 EST 2005

Erik Bethke wrote:
> Anyways, I am now a super gushing fan-boy.  I have worked my way up
> from a scripter working in crappy proprietary languages to a c++
> programmer, to now biz guy.  But when I walked away from programming I
> gave it a grim farewell, c++ work is good, but so much mind goes into
> it to make progree compared to other creative uses of the mind.  But
> Python rocks, it makes programming very fun again and now I finding
> myself coming home earlier so I can get to work on Python and I have an
> entire heap of new projects I wanted to get done.

Yeah, it is really a great language. For me, it matches my internal idea 
of 'pseudocode' to a T. Executable shorthand - does it get any better 
than that?


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