Vancouver Python/Zope/Plone Meeting Reminder

Paul Prescod paul at
Mon Jan 3 12:33:32 EST 2005

Tuesday January 4th is the first Tuesday of the month and the Vancouver 
Python, Zope and Plone user's group will have its monthly meeting at 

The topic is "What's new in Python 2.4":

Among other things, we will discuss:
	* Function/method decorators
	* Generator expressions
	* Built-in sets
	* Unification of integers

More information is available here:

Topics for the next few months have also been tentatively scheduled:

January 4, 2005
     What's New in Python 2.4, Paul Prescod

February 1, 2005
     Creating OS X Cocoa Applications Using XML and Python, Dethe Elza

March 1, 2005
     GNU Radio and Python, Ian Caven

April 5, 2005
     Large Scale Python, TBD

  Paul Prescod

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