Where can I get the new version of python-mode for emacs?

Marcio Rosa da Silva mmrsva at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 15:36:02 CEST 2005

Hi all,

My first try on using RST to write an email. so I can (will) make 
mistakes :-)

I am experiencing the problem shown in this thread_ of the 
`python-mode`_ discussion list hosted at SourceForge.

.. _thread: 
.. _`python-mode`: http://sourceforge.net/projects/python-mode/

I have version 4.70 installed in my debian system (installed with 
apt-get, so I don't know where the sources are from). After reading the 
thread_ at sourceforge, I did a google search for "python emacs" and 
found the `Emacs goodies`_ page at python.org

.. _`Emacs goodies`: http://www.python.org/emacs/

where I was redirected to the `python-mode`_ page at SourceForge. There 
I could only find version 1.0alpha (4.6) (the one said too old in the 

I also tried the `Barry Warsaw's Elisp packages`_ as suggested at `Emacs 
goodies`_ page "for some more up-to-date versions of these files", but 
the link doesn't work.

.. _`Barry Warsaw's Elisp packages`: http://barry.warsaw.us/elisp/

So, *where can I find a newer version of emacs' python-mode*?



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