map/filter/reduce/lambda opinions and background unscientificmini-survey

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Thu Jul 7 22:49:36 CEST 2005

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On 2005-07-06 02:46:27, George Sakkis wrote:

>> So, who would object the full-word versions for python 3K ?
>> def -> define
>> del -> delete
>> exec -> execute
>> elif -> else if

>Objections for the "else if" might be that it sounds like you can
>replace "else if" with "else x=94" if you want. Thumbs up for "else if"
>because it explains what it is much better than "elif".  "elseif" ?

Today, on pydev list, in thread Chaining try statements: eltry?,
Guido said 'and in fact I sometimes think it was
a mistake to introduce elif just to save typing "else if".'

So maybe this will be reconsidered for 3.0

Terry J. Reedy

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