ANN: CherryPy-2.1.0-beta released

Damjan gdamjan at
Fri Jul 15 19:15:16 CEST 2005

> I am happy to announce the first beta release of CherryPy-2.1

Can you briefly compare CherryPy to Quixote2 (+session2)?

> unicode decoding/encoding,

This especially interesting to me. 
Is CherryPy completelly unicode (and UTF-8) ready. 
The thing that frustrates me about quixote2 is that it has a lot of
assumptions that text is a str object in the latin1 encoding. 
I succeded to patch quixote to be usable but that may not be enough.

My quixote application works with unicode objects all the time, and the only
place I want UTF-8 is when the content is sent to the client... (or when
its stored in a database or file which I handle myself fine).


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