Lisp development with macros faster than Python development?..

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Mon Jul 11 16:10:44 CEST 2005

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> > Well, his Viaweb company was founded in about '95, right? So he probably
> > used Lisp because Python wasn't as well known yet. ;-)
> David
> That is what I thought too.  It makes sense but I wasn't sure.  Still
> ain't.
> The problem is that questions like 'What lang is fastest to develop
> in?'
> are hard to answer definitively.

No it's not.

The answer is always whatever language you enjoy the most and know the best.

That's a somewhat redundant statement because if you enjoy a language, you
are highly motivated to use it often and learn it well.

An intimate knowledge of any particular language is *far* more important
than the syntactic and semantic arcana that people usually argue over.

So - what the question really boils down to is which language(s) have the
best balance of approachability (easy to learn!) and capability. Bear in
mind though, that if the language sacrifices capability in favor of being
easy, then the fun runs out of it too soon :-)

Thomas Bartkus

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