psycopg simplest problem

Glauco 00515879256 at
Fri Jul 8 16:23:50 CEST 2005

I'm rebuilding my old library i've done some year ago using python and 

My problem is to do a middle layer over pycopg for eliminate type 
casting problem in postgres in all direction.

i've resolved this doing a C extension in python and manipulating only 
string and int in my application.

this is my example:
import sqlvar

sql = """insert into mytable (myint, mytext, maydate)
          (%d,%s,%s);""" % (sqlvar.number(myvalue1), 
sqlvar.text(myvalue2), )

all problem concerning quoting, " ' -> ''", null, None, 0, empty string 
is solved by the sqlvar lib.

I want to eliminate this problem forever, i want to manipulate only 
correct type as DateTime obj in my application so i want to arrive at 
this solution:

sql = """insert into mytable (myint, mytext, maydate)
          (%s,%s,%s);""" % (myvalue1, myvalue2, myvalue3)

without all time check for none, empty string and so on...

I've seen API of psycopg and some procedure for the solution but all are 
    too spaghetti for me.

I'm only with this problem ?



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