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Go to "" and try the challenge, if you are 
able to get to the level 17-18, you can say you start to have good skills in 
Python. You will prove:
you are not stupid, 
you know regex, basic sound/image treatment, the basics of zip/bz2, you 
understood how to use urllib/urllib2 and xmlrpc and many other things.

When you get to the level 17-18, go to the IRC and ask to "theSamet" a 
certification. If he is in a good mood, maybe he will give you an ascii-art 
diplom like Rocco! ;-)


On 20 Jul 2005 05:41:39 -0700, lordverminard at <
lordverminard at> wrote:
> hi
> i bassically need it cuz i am appyling to colleges this year and
> i know this kind of stuff really helps.
> besides since i am learning python i thought i might get some credit
> for it as well.
> its bassically for a mention in my resume/bio-data/appliccation
> i am willing to spend about $50-100 but any more is out of my bugdet.
> even $50 is hard on me.
> i did find this great site that would let me give a perl exam in $9.99
> but they don't have python.
> --
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