(Win32 API) callback to Python, threading hiccups

Gregory Bond gnb at itga.com.au
Fri Jul 8 09:05:18 CEST 2005

Tim Roberts wrote:

>>>           PyGILState_STATE gil = PyGILState_Ensure();
>>>           result = PyEval_CallObject(my_callback, arglist);   
>>>           PyGILState_Release(gil);
>>>           Py_DECREF(arglist);
>>>           Py_DECREF(result);

>  If someone else holds a reference to "arglist", then the
> DECREF is just a nice, atomic decrement.  If no one else holds a reference
> to "arglist", then it's quite safe to delete it.

What if anothere thread takes the GIL as soon as you release it, and is 
attempting to allcate a new opbject, and (at the same time - you might 
be on a multiprocessor!) your PyDECREF removes the last reference and 
starts freeing objects?

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