f*cking re module

jwaixs jwaixs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 17:04:21 CEST 2005

To reply to the last part of the discussion and esspecially to Gustavo
Niemeyer, I really apriciate the way in which I had been answered. And
I won't have any questions about the re module that I had before I post
this threat.

I was frustration and should, probebly, not post this frustration. But
it was never my purpous to ask something stupid or asking it arrogant.

The python re module is, in my opinion, a non beginner user friendly
module. And it's not meant for beginning python programmers. I don't
have any experience with perl or related script/programming languages
like python. (I prefer to do things in c) So the re module is
completely new for me.

If I upset someones clean mind posting a "stupid" and "arrogant"
question, I'm sorry and won't post my frustrasion on this usenet group

But thank you for all your help about the re module,

Noud Aldenhoven

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