How do you program in Python?

anthonyberet nospam at me.invalid
Sun Jul 3 18:35:16 CEST 2005

My question isn't as all-encompassing as the subject would suggest...

I am almost a Python newbie, but I have discovered that I don't get 
along with IDLE, as i can't work out how to run and rerun a routine 
without undue messing about.

What I would really like is something like an old-style BASIC 
interpreter, in which I could list, modify and test-run sections of 
code, to see the effects of tweaks, without having to save it each time, 
or re-typing it over and over (I haven't even worked out how to cut and 
paste effectively in the IDLE environment).

I see lots of alternate IDEs etc, but which would allow me the simple 
interface that I have described? - I really don't know about IDEs in 
general, and I suspect I would be out of my depth with one of those.

Thanks, and feel free to mock ;)

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