Ten Essential Development Practices

Dan Sommers me at privacy.net
Fri Jul 29 01:12:16 CEST 2005

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 15:35:54 -0700,
Robert Kern <rkern at ucsd.edu> wrote:

> That said, I made a boo-boo. The Zen of Python is really a set of
> design principles (and some of them, like this one, are more
> specifically *language* design principles), not Essential Development
> Practices. That'll teach me to not RTFA.

May I respectfully disagree?  The Zen applies to all aspects of software
(and other things, too, but they're off topic here), from human readable
reports and requirements and documentation, to GUI's, to test cases, to
code, to database schemta, as well as the development methodology and
practices themselves.

Sometimes you have to look at the Zen sideways, so that "implementation"
appears to be replaced by the particular aspect or aspects (or the
software, or just software, as a whole, for the true Masters out there)
you happen to be working on at the time, but such is the nature of Zen.


Dan Sommers

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