[ANN] XPN 0.5.0 released

Franz Steinhaeusler franz.steinhaeusler at gmx.at
Tue Jul 26 04:46:27 EDT 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 15:47:13 GMT, Nemesis <nemesis at nowhere.invalid>


Hello Nemesis,

>> Would it be possible to also customize the fonts in the
>> groups and threads pane (I'd like to have everywhere proportional
>> (monospaced fonts).
>Not at the moment, maybe in the future ... but of course if you can't
>wait you can modify the source by yourself, the files to modify are
>xpn_src/Groups_Pane.py and xpn_src/Threads_Pane.py
>just add the line
>import pango 
>in the both the files, and then:
>at the end of Groups_Pane.py add this line (do not change the
>        self.groups_list.modify_font(pango.FontDescription("monospace 10"))
>at the end of Threads_Pane.py add this line (do not change the
>        self.threads_tree.modify_font(pango.FontDescription("monospace 10"))
>of course you can change the font description as you like.

thank you for the tip.

Franz Steinhaeusler

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