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Tue Jul 19 22:55:44 CEST 2005

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>* Jaime Wyant < at> [2005/07/19 21:26]:
>> It sounds really strange to connect to a server "several hundred"
>> times.  If I had to guess, the server monitored all of the connects
>> coming from your IP address and eventually stopped accepting ANY
>> connections.
> That's really what it eventually does, just that it refuses my
> connection, and a connection to another server is established.
> The alternative is to do it by http connection, but i'm afraid
> that's going to be too slow. or am i wrong here?
> To help you understand me better, this is a server at work that
> gives me some account information, so when i want to check "several
> hundred" accounts i need to look them up one by one since the server
> closes the connection after each query.

Ask your server administrator if you are bumping up against a hidden 
connection limit.  Or if a query can ask about multiple accounts.


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